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Enrichment programs are scheduled extracurricular classes where students can discover new hobbies, interests and activities outside the classroom setting. Enrichment activities involve fun classes that would help them learn new things and develop skills they will find helpful in real life. These exciting classes allow them to break their curriculum structure and help them design, create and learn new things based on their interest without any limits.

Online Manga Drawing Workshop

If the students likes visual and animated series, and if they find doodling characters from those stories on their off time, this virtual manga drawing workshop is just what they need! In this workshop, they will learn how to make manga (Japanese-style comics) and basic animation techniques using their own vision and design.

Drawing and animation become more fun and exciting for students as their level increases. You can encourage your child to draw and design their favorite anime or game character on a page and animate their action styles with different animation tools. It would help them learn something new and tickle their creativity.

Speech and Drama

Activities can include role-play, drama games, improvisation, group discussion and individual or pair work. The activities can easily be used along with other teaching techniques, or you might like to choose some to put together as a drama session.

Drama pushes students out of their comfort zone and gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to become someone else, to invent dialogue, and to create a new world. With limited props, students' imaginations can turn any classroom object into something magical.

We can work out a schedule that works for your child and our teachers!

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